Get a SitGo Dog Wheelchair

SitGo Dog Wheelchair

Finding a dog wheelchair that allows your dog to sit without removing it never existed, until now. The new SitGo Dog Wheelchair allows your dog to stand or sit with ease. There is no other dog wheelchair like it on the market.

 How does a sit to stand wheelchair work you ask?

The dog hind leg wheelchair has a self-actuating function and adjustable spring tension system making it easy for your dog to go from sitting to standing.

It has an easily adjustable height, length and width for assisted walking or full rear leg support which removes all the weight off of the hind legs. This makes it easier on you also for quick adjusting.

But don’t worry, you won’t always have to remove it to allow your dog to go to the bathroom. This would be a pain. All of our dog wheelchairs are designed specially to be able to use the bathroom.

You can now see what makes the Best Friend Mobility SitGo Dog Wheelchair a cut above the rest. Go out and get one today! Your dog will thank you. 

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