How To Bond With Your Dog

how to bond with your dog

Bonding with a puppy can be easier than how to bond with your rescue dog. You don't necessarily know what your rescue dog's previous life was like. They may have experienced trauma and have anxiety. Some dogs will be easier to bond with than others, no matter the situation. There is no one best way to bond with your dog. It will take some time to develop a bond and  learn what they like and don't like. 

Top Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Consistent Rules

Do not have your dog sleep in your bed sometimes and other times no. Dogs get used to routines and come to expect certain things. Anything that you usually do can be interpreted as them being bad if you sometimes don't do it. 

Quality Time And Affection 

Cuddling, brushing your dog and petting your dog are all quality activities for dog bonding. Petting your dog while doing something else is fine, but you also should give some undivided attention to them. Giving them attention and showing affection are important. 

Dogs love to eat and making special food for them will show them love. Treats are also always welcomed and can be given at certain times during the day. Your dog will have something to look forward to, for example after a walk. 

Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog tricks helps to instill discipline, gives you a way to bond and can be useful such as learning how to sit. Teaching your dog tricks also stimulates their brain. Other dog bonding activities such as playing fetch or setting up an obstacle course are also great ways to grow your bond, stimulate your dog and give them exercise. 

Likes And Dislikes 

Most dogs hate fireworks and can cause major anxiety. Some dogs don't like water while other dogs are like fish. Some dogs love fruit while others will only eat certain dog food. Learning these things comes with time and is trial and error.

Instill Trust And Stay Calm

how to bond with your dog

Use positive training techniques to build trust and respect, such as giving a treat and using a happy voice. Shouting for example can have a negative effect on your bond and can instil fear. Being loud and mad even if not directed toward your dog can cause them anxiety and make them feel uncomfortable. 

Learn Body Language

Learn canine behavior such as facial expressions. This is important to know if your dog isn't feeling well, scared or depressed. Also, learning body language such as a wagging tail to show excitement is important to know. 

Give Them Space

Even the most affectionate dogs that love to be by your side enjoy alone time. Remember dogs are den animals. Create a space that is dedicated to your dog. Maybe have a bed for them in more than one location in your house. However, don't be surprised if you find them sleeping under the bed or in a closet. Dogs like to feel safe and sometimes like to be alone where it is quiet. 

To bond with your dog will take time and trust. Give these ideas a try and remember you have a lifetime to grow your bond.


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