How To Get Your Dog Adjusted To a Dog Wheelchair


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First Time Is The Most Difficult

Depending on your dog, their breed and the necessity of a dog wheelchair can all affect how quickly the dog will adjust to the dog cart. Some dogs take off right away as soon as they are in their new walking wheels for dogs and others it can take several weeks.

Increase The Duration Of Use Slowly

Start off with 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day. From there, you can increase the duration or the number of times your dog uses the dog wheels for paralyzed dogs. Make sure to give your dog enough time to rest as transitioning can be stressful for some dogs. 

Start In An Open Space

Dogs will be more comfortable when given enough room to move around. Also, many dogs can become frustrated if they get hung up on furniture for example in their handicap dog wheelchair

Make Sure The Fit Is Correct

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The front and rear harnesses should fit snug, but not too loose or too tight. The front harness should be low around the neck. If it is too high it will prevent your dog from extending their neck and keeping their back straight.

Also, it is important to not use the dog wheelchair rear leg straps if your dog has some use of their rear legs. Even if your dog has knuckling issues they will most likely prefer to use their legs as much as possible.

The amount of weight on the rear legs is important. Some dogs use the dog wheelchair more like a walker. Others use it like a wheelchair where no weight is on their rear legs, but their legs are down or possibly in the dog wheelchair rear leg straps

Your dog's back should be level. If not, the rear could be too high or too low. If your dog midsection is sagging they possibly need a full support dog wheelchair. This type of dog wheelchair is for dog's that do not have full strength or use of their front legs and or their midsection is not strong enough to keep their back straight. It has additional support for the midsection to take pressure off of the dog's back and keep it straight.

Use Treats For Encouragement

Using a yummy treat will encourage your dog to take steps. This may work the best when your dog is hungry. If your dog doesn't care much for treats, maybe try putting a toy in front of them or throwing one for them to go after. 

Praise Your Dog

Give your dog encouragement to start walking in their new dog wheelchair. Once they do, give them praise and maybe another treat. Just remember that a healthy weight is really important for mobility and to not put undue stress on their body. A healthy diet and not overfeeding your dog is so important. 

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