How To Prevent Dogs From Slipping On Floors?

how to prevent dog from slipping on floors

Most homes have slippery floors. Don't get caught slippin! They can pose a risk to us humans too when we are wearing socks. Laminate, tile, wood floors, vinyl, and polished cement can all pose a risk. 

How To Prevent Dogs From Slipping On Floors

  • Trim your dog's nails - long nails can cause your dog to slip on floors. Nails don't have the same traction on floors as they do in grass. Also, long nails cause your dog's paws to not be in the proper position which can cause mobility issues and additional stress on their joints. 
  • Trim your dog's hair - the hair in the paws of your dog creates problems with traction when it covers the pads. 
  • Use carpet and rugs - rugs are great for older dogs and dog's with mobility issues to help them get up. Place it by their bed or where they lay. Carpets can also be used. Carpets are also great for stairs to prevent falls. Dogs can easily slip and get injured on stairs. 
  • Use paw pads - these stick to the paws of your dog and create better grip than the dog's own pads on their feet. 
  • Use booties - your dog may not like these, but this is another option to help them grip the floor better. These are also great to use when it's cold outside and when there is snow on the ground to keep your dog warm. 
  • Use toe grips - these go over each nail and create better traction for when your dog has to walk on slippery surfaces such as a wooden floor. 
  • Paw wax - Paw wax is used to protect paws from ice, snow and hot pavements. It can also be used to prevent slipping.
  • Dog foot spray - this is designed to prevent slipping by giving your dog's paws better traction. 
  • Fix your dog's cracked paws- dry paws make it more difficult for your dog to walk. Paw balm helps to repair cracked paws. 
  • Block off unsafe areas - if you have stairs in your house and they don't have carpet or a traction pad on each stair, then you should block them off. You can use the same type of gate that is made for babies. Even if your stairs are safe, it may still be dangerous if your dog is old or has mobility issues. 
  • Visit the vet - your dog may have another issue that could be causing your dog to slip such as listed below. Regular checkups are important to know if anything medically is going on. 
  • Exercise and diet - give your dog the needed exercise based on their size and a balanced diet to help keep their weight down. This is important to not put undue stress on their joints and help prevent mobility issues. 
  • Canine rehab - speak with your vet to see if rehab is right for your dog. Certain conditions can benefit from this. Canine rehab helps your dog's strength and stamina. 
  • Training - some dogs are just scared of walking on slippery floors. Give your dog a treat as they walk across the floor or use a leash to entice them. Never pull them on the leash across the floor. This can make them more scared and injure them. 

Conditions That Can Cause Your Dog To Slip On floors

how to prevent dog from slipping on floors


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