Neurological Disorders In Dogs; Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

neurological disorders in dogs

Finding out your dog has a neurological disorder can be distressing. However, dogs can still live well for years to come. Know that there are options so your dog can continue to live a happy and active life. 


Common Signs Of Neurological Issues In Dogs

Brain Disorders Can Include - Seizures, head tilt, tremors and blindness

Spinal Cord Symptoms Can Include - Unstable movement, paralysis of front or hind limbs (affected limbs can have loss of feeling) and problems using the bathroom

Issues With Nerves Affecting Face Can Include - Facial paralysis, inability to blink and loss of tongue use

Vestibular System Symptoms Can Include - Nausea, head tilt, difficulty standing/sitting/laying and shifting eyes (nystagmus) 

Spinal Cord Compression (such as in IVDD) Symptoms Can Include - Pain, difficulty walking, rear legs are weak or drag, dog makes noises when moving or being touched, muscle spasms and or tight neck and back 


If you observe any of these signs, take your dog to the veterinarian. Depending on the issue will determine the treatment. For example, a slipped disc could require surgery, autoimmune disorders may be controlled with medicine and a brain tumor may be treated with surgery or radiation therapy. 

neurological disorders in dogs

Causes Of Neurological Problems In Dogs

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Congenital conditions
  • An infection
  • Inherited genes can make the dog more susceptible
  • Underlying systemic disease

Common Neurological Disorders And Diseases In Dogs

Dog Wheelchairs For Mobility Assistance

The majority of dogs with a neurological condition will eventually need a dog wheelchair. This will help ensure your dog continues to get the exercise that they need. Introducing your dog early is best before they completely depend on the dog wheelchair. Many neurological disorders are degenerative. As the disease progresses so will their symptoms. 


dog wheelchair


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