Senior Dog Grooming And Grooming Special Needs Dogs 

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Older dogs and dogs with special needs can require special care and this can include when it comes time for grooming. Your dog may be a tripod, suffering from an illness or just be older in age. Grooming is important just like exercise and a healthy diet. However, there shouldn't be too much more that you need to do. 

Mobile Dog Grooming

Some dogs are naturally more nervous, but this can be true especially for senior and special needs dogs. Mobile dog grooming is not only convenient since they come to your house, but can be less nerve racking for your dog. Since you don't have to take them in the car and it is less chaotic than at a regular groomer. At home your dog may be more relaxed. Often mobile dog groomers will allow you to assist with the grooming, if your dog has special needs. However, this can vary depending on the insurance of the groomer. 

Brush Your Dog

Some people neglect to brush their dog, especially if they believe their dog will experience pain. Brushing is often enjoyed by dogs and is especially necessary if your dog has long hair. Matting can occur when your dog is not brushed regularly. However, if this does occur it is best to leave for a groomer. Removal of the matted fur needs to be done gently to not hurt your dog. 

If your dog has trouble standing, you may want to brush your dog while they are lying down. You may need to do this over a few sessions as your dog may become restless. 

Regularly Groom Your Dog

Senior Dog Grooming And Grooming Special Needs Dogs 

Schedule regular grooming visits for your dog. Many dog owners prefer to do this themselves, especially if their dog does not need haircuts. It is important to make sure that their genetal area stays clean. Older dogs and disabled dogs can have a harder time self-cleaning their growing and anal glands. This can be due to mobility issues or arthritis as examples. 

Your dog should have their hair cut short around these areas which will help with better hygiene. Your groomer can also make you aware of any issues from grooming. They may notice lumps or other issues with their skin which can be hard to see without close inspection. Groomers will often notice these things and can make you aware to show to your vet.   

Dogs With Hearing Or Vision Loss

A groomer should be aware of these things, but you can always ask to be sure. A dog that doesn't see you or hear you can be dangerous, especially if they are scared. You should try to approach a def dog from the front, so they can see you. WIth a blind dog you should especially use a soothing voice. Even a def dog can have some hearing and be familiar with your voice based on vibrations. 

Continually talking to your dog is a good idea to offer reassurance and provide comfort. Make sure to run the water and allow your dog to see it for example before they get wet. Same goes for a brush or hair dryer. Go slow and continue to talk in a soothing voice. If your dog gets really anxious you can stop for a minute and then start again. 

It's best to wash dogs on the ground, especially if you don't have help. A large dog can be more difficult to control and a blind dog can't see, making it more dangerous to fall. It's best to always keep a hand on the dog to provide comfort and help to prevent them from making sudden movements. 

Your dog will love being clean. Oh and don't forget to have your groomer brush your dog's teeth, especially if you are not doing this yourself. Healthy teeth are important to overall health in dogs, just like in humans. It can also help to prevent your dog from having teeth pulled. This often needs to be done from teeth dying because of poor dental hygiene. 

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