What To Do For Dog Back Pain?

What To Do For Dog Back Pain

Dogs unfortunately can't communicate the way humans do. How to ease dog back pain first comes from being able to recognize the signs. 

Signs Of Back Pain In Dogs

  • Muscle Spasms or Shaking

  • Stiffness when walking 

  • Hunched neck or back 

  • Barking or whining when back is touched

  • Lethargy

  • Lack of coordination or wobbly when walking

  • Limping or dragging legs

  • Mood can change such as appearing depressed 

  • Scratch marks and or bruising

Causes Of Back Pain In Dogs

What To Do For Dog Back Pain

  • Arthritis which is more common in older dogs

  • Back injuries from trauma or landing wrong when jumping

  • Conditions such as IVDD or degenerative myelopathy 

What To Do For Dog Back Pain

  • First, take them to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis 

  • Your dog may need surgery to best correct the issue

  • Several treatments can work well to help alleviate the pain including medications, acupuncture, laser therapy and physical therapy which can include hydrotherapy

  • Mobility devices such as a dog wheelchair may be needed

Dachshunds are a common breed that have back problems. Doggie wheels for dachshunds may be just what your pet needs. Depending on if your dog has full front leg strength would determine the type of dog wheelchair needed. Also, you can get a belly support which provides additional stability and support to keep the back straight. 

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A dog wheelchair is also referred to as a handicap dog cart or wheels for handicap dogs. One of the common needs is for hip dysplasia. We offer three different models and have small dog wheelchairs and large dog wheelchairs.

We offer a full support dog wheelchair which is also referred to as a dog quad wheelchair or four wheel dog wheelchair, a dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair. This is the only one that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting without having to remove it.

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