Wheelchair For Dachshund Dogs; What Makes These Great

wheelchair for dachshund dogs

This is a dachshund sitting in a chair. This is not a wheelchair for dachshund dogs. :-)  However, we do have weiner dog wheelchairs. Actually they are for all breeds and sizes of dogs since they are fully adjustable for both height, length and width. Our dog wheelchairs are designed and tested by a K9 Orthopedic Surgeon. Only one simple measurement is needed to choose the right size. 

Two Support Harnesses

All of our dog wheelchairs come with a rear comfort harness and a rear performance harness. We recommend you use the rear comfort harness to start which provides more stability while your dog gets acclimated to the Dachshund wheels for back legs. Afterward you can switch to the rear performance harness which allows for more mobility. 

Rear Leg Straps

The rear leg straps can be used for one or both rear legs if your pet does not have control of one or both rear legs. This will prevent dragging which can cause sores and an infection. Both the harnesses and rear leg straps are adjustable and can be removed to wash. This provides the comfort you would expect and allows for optimal performance.

Fully Adjustable

All of our dog wheelchairs have the ability to be easily adjusted by the height, length and width to ensure a great fit even for a Dachshund who has a long torso. They are lightweight, which are great especially for a Mini Dachshund and makes it easy to transport.

Three Versions Of Dog Wheelchairs

We offer a full support dog wheelchair which is also referred to as a dog quad wheelchair or four wheel dog cart, a dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair. This is the only affordable dog wheelchair that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting without having to remove it. 

Your pet should have full front leg strength to use the dog wheelchair for back legs or the SitGo Dog Wheelchair. If they don't or have issues dragging both of their rear legs, you will need the full support dog wheelchair.

With one of our three versions of sausage dog wheelchairs, your Dachshund can continue to be active and live a happier and healthier life!  


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Performance Dog Wheelchairs wants you to know that physical limitations are not the end to mobility. Our purpose is to give others and their dogs the ability to seek new adventures and overcome physical challenges with one of our dog wheelchairs. We have small, medium and big dog wheelchairs

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