Why Is My Old Dog Having Trouble Walking?

old dog having trouble walking

Just like with us, your dog goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. This can cause your dog to move more slowly and may begin to struggle to stand and also walk. These changes usually progress over time and may not be that apparent at first. 

Signs Of An Older Dog Having Trouble Walking

  • Loss Of Strength - you may visibly see a loss of muscle mass in your dog.
  • Difficulty standing
  • Unusual gait - your dog stands awkwardly and walks in an unusual manner.  
  • Loss of endurance - your dog begins to tire quickly, for example on a walk. 
  • Issues with balance 

My Old Dog Is Having Trouble Walking, Why?

There are numerous reasons your dog may have trouble walking including dog arthritis, orthopedic issues or neurological disorders in dogs 

How To Help Your Dog's Mobility

  • Physical therapy for dogs - Your dog can have physical rehabilitation from a center specifically for animals, however large physical rehabilitation centers for humans often work on animals. Types of therapy include underwater treadmills, ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation. The same techniques used on humans are used on canines which include cold and heat, massage, stretching and range of motion exercises. Canine physical therapy can relieve pain and promote cartilage, tendon and ligament health. 
  • Healthy diet - make sure your dog has a balanced diet designed for older dogs. A healthy diet will help keep your dog at a healthy weight. This will avoid any undue stress on their joints which can cause more issues with their mobility. 
  • Dog wheelchair - exercise is important to keep your dog's weight down, help maintain mobility and muscle mass. These are not just for paralyzed dogs, but a dog cart for rear legs can benefit a dog that has full use of their back legs. If your dog is having more difficulty on certain days, this would be the most appropriate time to use a dog wheelchair. Another time would be if you want to take your dog on a longer walk or a stroll along the beach. 


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