How will using a dog wheelchair help my dog?

Using a dog wheelchair will help improve both their physical and mental state as well as yours. Your dog will be able to strengthen their limbs and help if not possibly correct whatever issue they are having. Physical activity will help to prevent depression and boredom that many dogs experience when they have a lack of exercise.


How long will it take for my dog to get used to their dog wheelchair?

Most dogs adjust quickly, but every dog is different. This depends on the dogs age, breed, any conditions they are suffering from, strength and overall health.


Can my dog use stairs while using their dog wheelchair?

Yes, but always with supervision. You may need to assist your dog depending on their mobility and confidence. Never leave your dog unattended while using a dog wheelchair.


How long can my dog stay in their dog wheelchair?

Start off slowly and increase the duration and frequency after a few days. For the first few days start with only once per day for 10 minutes. The dog wheelchair is meant to be used during their outdoor time. Feel free to use the dog wheelchair for a trip to the beach, hiking, a walk around your city or even just to play in your yard!


Can my dog use the bathroom while in their dog wheelchair?

 Yes, our Full Support Dog Wheelchair, Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs and the SitGo Dog Wheelchair were all designed in a way to allow your dog to use the bathroom while using. Using a dog wheelchair also helps to keep them on a bathroom schedule.


 Can my dog interact with other dogs while using their dog wheelchair?

 Yes, socializing and playing with other humans and dogs is a key benefit in using one of our dog wheelchairs!


 Can the dog wheelchair be used in different terrains?

 Yes, our dog wheelchairs were designed for performance even for rough terrains. However, always supervise your dog while using their dog wheelchairs. In rough terrains bumps can cause the dog wheelchair to tip over.


 Can my dog sit or lie down while using their dog wheelchair?

Yes, with our revolutionary SitGo Dog Wheelchair your dog can go from standing to sitting or lying down without the hassle of having to remove the dog wheelchair.


Can a dog wheelchair be used indoors?

Yes, but if your home is small they will have a harder time moving around in tight spaces.


Will my dog become dependent on its dog wheelchair?

No, dogs do not become dependent on their dog wheelchair. If your dog regains their mobility they will naturally want to walk and even run again on their own!


Will my dog develop sores from using your dog wheelchairs?

No, our dog wheelchairs were designed with performance in mind without sacrificing the comfort you would expect for your dog. Our dog wheelchairs are well padded and balanced.


How do I know if my dog is a candidate for a dog wheelchair?

If your dog is having issues walking, but in overall good health then they are a good candidate for one of our dog wheelchairs. Even older dogs have been successful with using our dog wheelchairs.


Which dog wheelchair is right for my dog?

If your dog has both front and rear leg issues then the Full Support Dog Wheelchair would be the best choice. If your dog has strength in their front legs, then most of our customers prefer the SitGo Dog Wheelchair. It allows your dog to go from standing to sitting or lying down without the hassle of having to remove the dog wheelchair.


How do I put my dog in your dog wheelchairs?

You can do it by yourself if you have a small dog and many people are able with larger dogs too. Very large dogs sometimes require two people to put their dog in one of our dog wheelchairs.