What Are Surgical Procedures For Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

There are three different surgeries for hip dysplasia in dogs. They are femoral head ostectomy, double or triple osteotomy and total hip replacement. 

Surgical Procedures For Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) - This surgical procedure removes the ball of the hip joint. The scar tissue which forms creates a false joint and gives some mobility. This procedure is most effective in younger dogs. It is also recommended for arthritis, a dislocated hip and because it costs less than the other procedures. 

femoral head ostectomy in dog


Double or Triple Osteotomy - During this surgical procedure the pelvis is cut in two or three locations around the hip joint. The hip bone is rotated to align properly with the ball of the femur. This is recommended for younger dogs who do not have arthritis. 

triple osteotomy in dog


Total Hip Replacement (THR) - During this surgical procedure the entire hip joint is removed and replaced with a newly constructed ball and socket. This is usually the last resort if other measures have already been taken with no success. Dog hip replacement cost can be more expensive than the other procedures. However, it can offer immediate pain relief for the rest of your dog's life. 

total hip replacement in dog

Final thoughts regarding surgical procedures for hip dysplasia in dogs

It's best to discuss all options with your vet to know what course of action to take. Depending on the severity of hip dysplasia, any other issues occurring with your dog and their age can all factor into what should be done. Also, remember that a lot of the cost can be covered with pet insurance depending on your policy. 

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